Geelong Quality Council

Geelong Quality Council hosts a number events over the year & requires a site to advertise these events as well as providing educational material to interested parties. By using Umbraco Content Management System (CMS) Skipstone was able to design a rolling calendar of events using the event date to determine when & how the event is displayed.

GQC Events Page

Umbraco is a .Net CMS that uses a Templating & Document Type (Data) to build Content for web sites. Some coding knowledge is desirable however once configured most tasks can be performed with a mouse by non-technical people.

Umbraco Administration page for GQC

Umbraco administration pages showing the data elements required for an event.

Desktop version of GQC Home Page

The next 2 images are from the same - the rendered on desktop browser & the Mobile version on the right.

Mobile version of GQC Home Page